The execution of intervention requires you to follow 4 disciplines religiously to create a conscious competence. These disciplines are:

  1. Focus on the Wildly Important Goal
  2. Create a compelling scoreboard
  3. Translate lofty goals into specific actions
  4.  Hold each other accountable all the time.

These disciplines of Execution will together precipitate to the miracle you were waiting for a long time which is to learn the disease in time to get professional help which will eventually help you to execute the process of intervention.

Right now your wildly important goal is Intervention in your loved one’s life because if this goal is not achieved with excellence, nothing else you do will matter. You have been enabling and provoking for a long time and it did not work. it might have produced a state of codependency in you. If intervention in your loved one’s alcoholism is neglected, any further his life will become unmanageable because of his growing powerlessness over the use of his drug. Failure to achieve this goal renders any other achievements inconsequential and his powerlessness and unmanageability will encroach upon the life of other family members.

Once you set intervention as your wildly important goal, you need to construct a compelling scoreboard which helps you to measure the activities and the outcomes of success and failures. Compelling scoreboard has something to do with current status, target result and deadline. These 3 things will tell you where you are standing at the moment? Where you want to be? And when you will be there? Scoreboard needs some numerical and measurable items about our activities regarding your wildly important goal. You need to keep mathematics in your favor.

Third discipline is to translate some lofty goals into specific actions which would help you to achieve the wildly important goal. These lofty goals are:

  1. Assertiveness
  2. Crucial conversation
  3. Crucial confrontation
  4. Codependence
  5. Learning the disease concept
  6. Tough love
  7. Seven habits of highly effective interveners
  8. Let’s get results not excuses.

These lofty goals are then broken down into manageable and doable chunks which provide you the flow and the convenience so that slowly and steadily you win the game. This phenomenon is called conversion of lofty goals into specific actions. You should make sure that these specific actions are connected with the wildly important goal of intervention i.e. there should be a clear line of sight.

In the process Intervention the most important phenomenon is to hold each other accountable all the time. Quality of intervention and its outcome will ultimately depend on this discipline. When you are in the pursuit of holding a loved one accountable, you need to carry an assertive style of communication in all significance interaction with love one. In the course of intervention it is essential to hold your loved one accountable all the time. Similarly you are also concerned to hold yourself accountable because knowing that others are counting on you, raises your level of commitment and when others know that you are committed; this increases your success in a going accountability. Holding each other accountable also means that once your loved one is under treatment, you are also supposed to hold the professionals accountable who are treating your loved one and vice versa. Holding each other accountable is an integral step towards the attainment of your wildly important goal.