People sometimes engage in self-destructive behaviors, rejecting any help others may offer. Intervention, when done correctly, is extremely effective in helping these people accept help.

Long used for alcoholism and addiction, intervention is now also used for compulsive behaviors including gambling, infidelity, and eating disorders. Intervention is also used at work place in the board rooms. Recently, we have seen civil society conducting intervention in crucial issues of national interest. Print and electronic media has been conducting intervention on regular basis. Even countries are using intervention with other countries under the banner of a family called United Nations Organization.

Intervention – the kindest and most loving thing families and friends can do and bring about tremendous change in their lives.

Family Intervention

How to help a loved one engaged in self destructive behavior, who refuses to accept help, improving your relations at the same time. 

Corporate Intervention

How to help your colleague or superior at work place who is in trouble, without harming your relations and increasingthe productivity of organization.

Intervention Training

Learning the art of Intervention the easy way and also search its scope in various fields of everyday life.

Alcoholism, Addiction, Gambling, Infidelity,Suicide Attempts, Home Runaway and other self-destructive behaviors – you name it. You may be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Don’t suffer in silence. Help is available. You can contact our Easyinterventions Centres 24/7 located at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. See FAQs