Deliberate Practice is the definite, self-induced practice with a purpose of habituating the behavior. The more practice is done, the more the results are likely. In order to have mastery over your behavior, you need to monitor it, give yourself a feedback, and evaluate it accordingly.

The old maxim, “Practice makes a man perfect” has now turn into; “Perfect practice makes a man perfect”. Again, behavioral modification isn’t a game of one time learning; instead, it takes a number of repetitions, vigilantly monitored to inculcate it into ones behavior.Deliberate practice is designed specifically to improve performance with the key word being ‘designed.’ The essence of deliberate practice is continually stretching an individual just beyond his or her current abilities. By contrast, deliberate practice requires that one identify certain sharply defined elements of performance that need to be improved, and then work intently on them.

The importance of perfect practice is to strengthen our vital behaviors to enact properly in the phase of crucial moments (or when temptation pays you a visit)

Deliberate practice is above all an effort of focus and concentration. That is what makes it ‘deliberate.’

Many practice only if they know what results they will get – the best practice because it’s the thing to do and will lead to achievement sometime. They just know it will lead somewhere. So, to conclude, practice is a form of personal dedication.

Naba Sheikh