As a virtue and a skill , any thing leading to personal motivation is like discussing the undiscussable, desiring the undesirable, or loving what you hate all of this helps to get intrinsic satisfaction from the right behavior or feel displeasure from the wrong behavior through several influencing strategies. To adopt new and healthy behaviors, actions, decisions or choices, be it short or long term, we need to tap into people sense of pride and link the long term achievement with people’s view of who they are and who they want to be so, everything has to come into light so as to work on and improve ourselves.

We can do this by focusing on the activity itself and reconnect the vital behavior to the person’s sense of values. We shouldn’t fear to talk openly about our long term values, whether they are supporting or violating through our behaviors. To be able to help people come out of an ever increasing slip into inappropriate behaviors, we should help them reconnect their actions to the sense of morality and fighting moral disengagements. We shouldn’t let people minimize or justify their behavior by turning human into statistics. When it comes to influencing very highly resistant people, we shouldn’t try to influence with logic and argument. Rather we should allow them to discover their current behavior and what they really want in life.

So we shouldn’t underestimate the intrinsic power and its role in getting what we want and do not want. Because the biggest motivators of excellence are intrinsic and these are not just self-motivating system but, also a system of self accountability. Since all people have an intrinsic desire to do what’s right , just harnessing their intrinsic desire or motivation is a far more powerful & durable tool than reward & punishment mindset or paradigm.