Families have number of Fears & Phobias regarding intervention and treatment.  There are many Ill-founded beliefs &Superstitions which slow down the rear guard action against the destructive behavior of a loved one. Families are skeptical about the consequences of intervention. There are certain What if? questions in their minds which need comprehensive answers. In order to make intervention a success, families need to operate from love instead of fear. They need to have clarity in their mind as to what works instead of having ill-founded beliefs and superstitions. Families need to kick these stumbling blocks before proceeding further.

Fear is a normal human reaction. It is a healthy emotion as it keeps us away from the dangers. Phobia is, however, an irrational, intense, persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things or people. It makes an individual dysfunctional.

It is emotionally very painful to live with an alcoholic under the same roof. Addiction of a loved one captivates most of  the family members, hampers their abilities and keeps them in a shame spiral consisting of  anxiety, depression and anger. They wait in silence for some miracle to happen.

Codependency also creates good ground for a fear chain. A constant state of fear  changes everything. When fear persists and they have no control over it, they adjust to abnormal situations by way of avoidance. Such families gradually begin to diversify their fears and eventually, there is a mushroom growth of  phobias, superstitions and ill founded beliefs.

Any amount of information reassurance or lectures will not cure phobias per se. However, understanding your phobias is the first step. Confronting your phobias lets you conquer them, finally. And there are many steps in between, most important of which is observing other people do the same thing successfully. For that you need to go into a Fear & Phobia Eradication Program.