The phrase simply means how adapting one’s life or career for the better can be done in a new and powerful way.

When it comes to creating lasting changes, failure is the rule, not the expectation. Look at the statistic.Marriage counseling works for less than one in five couples who use it. Only one in twenty dieters is able to lose weight and keep it off for three or more years. That means the change process does need a blend of skill and motivation empowering one with “Power to Change”.

Many people have learned to follow the words of a well known prayer: Everyday they ask for serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

And that’s the problem. We have come to believe that when we face enormous challenges that can be solved only by influencing intractable behaviors, we might attempt a couple of change strategies. When they fail miserably, we surrender. It’s time to quit and move on. We turn our attention to things that are in our control. We seek serenity.

The fact is, there are actual people out there who instead of continually seeking the “wisdom to know the difference” have sought the wisdom to make the difference. They have discovered that when it comes to change the world, the most of us lack is not the courage to change things, but the skills to do so.

The good news is, almost all the profound, pervasive, and persistent problems we face in our lives can be solved. It just requires people to act differently.

So instead of pleading for the wisdom to know when to give up, we should be seeking the list of things we can change so that we don’t just have to rely on seeking serenity alone.

It also requires us to first see ourselves as influencers. The revised self-image calls for a deviation from the existing norm. This propels us to own up our responsibility of becoming effective agents of change.

To bring about a CHANGE in our lives, one usually thinks of a WILL POWER and starts depending on it. This is a limiting belief which may distract us from attempting to learn any required SKILL needed for improvement.

Without giving a thought on any of the outside influences which may affect our decision to CHANGE, they get trapped into the will power phenomenon.